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Our Methods

Wrestle Rugby provides a curriculum model of learning that focuses on building a solid foundation of contact and collision skills in players of all ages. We utilize olympic wrestling and grappling as a foundation to build the perfect tackler. We understand the connection between the two contact sports and have found what works for rugby, we then relate that into unique rugby techniques and drills in both contact and collision.

We provide our service by connecting our coaches with teams and clubs in their area, our coaches then work with the club to help build a solid foundation in contact and collision.

We understand that learning new things can be a challenge, which is why we have compiled a video libury of all of our training methods so that coaches and players can refresh their knowledge whenever they want. On top of this Wrestle Rugby will provide custom contact sessions in a short video that coaches can easily implement into their regular sessions. The Contact and Collision Sessions are designed to be 30 mins long and plug into any training session.


Each year a child plays rugby they will learn a new set of contact skills relatable to their age. This format of repetition and breaking down contact bit by bit through the years a child plays, will turn into muscle memory and will stay with them throughout their lifetimes. 

Email or call us for bookings or any further questions

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