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"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy."




  • Professional grade contact training for the grassroots community

  • Curriculum based learning to develop long term success.

  • Video library of all the drills and techniques. As well as personalised contact sessions for ongoing support. 

  • Build a foundation of correct technique by using our experienced coaches to work in with your school, club or team.

  •  Lower injury rates and significantly improve players tackling ability, agility, balance, decision time, Mobility and Conditioning.



how we do it

  • We come to your club and work with you.

  • Selection of different  programs and options.  

  • Find out why the best teams in the world utilise this same method of training.

  • Countless numbers of athletes at the highest level of contact sports like Union, League and NFL that have a direct relationship with Wrestling and Grappling

  • Wrestle Rugby is unique in that we are the only organisation in the world utilising the same high level training approach but formulated for the grassroots community.


We are based in the UK and are  are available all year round.

Get in touch to find out more.

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